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Future Plausibles
MOOC: the Disruptor

Our magazine, Future Plausibles, looks at innovative and disruptive ideas, analyzes patterns and trends that are emerging in the digital world. The magazine sees the impact of these ideas on people and their responses, behaviors and actions in order to outline the future potentials and directions for these ideas.

Saturday, 16 June 2018 Open House Saturday Talk + Speed Dating Design

Starts with a 30 min UI / UX discussion. Participate in solving design problems in fast/ speedy format for 30 min. Bring in any problem that you / your team / your organisation is working and use the opportunity to broaden your repertoire of solutions. Tea & snacks on the house.
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Dig Design Studio, Bangalore

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Weekly exercises crafted to hone your skills of professional design. Understand the practises of the craft and you will be able to discern expertise from a mile. Weekly Design Saadhana, your way to stay ahead of the game!

Exercises include #design skills, #design strategy, #UI/UX, #design thinking, #creativity exercises, #branding, #brand communication #design foundation #tools

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