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Great ideas demand intense work expertise, demand all of our best attention. Bringing a vision to life is really hard work. For a startup this is do or die.

We believe in startups and their disruptive power to innovate and change the rules. It is our mission to accelerate startups to the next level with the Design Springboard.


Design Springboard
for Startups

Brand, UI/UX, Communication and Campaigns define customer experience, and are critical to product success and investor confidence.

The Design Springboard aligns both strategy and execution across these areas. Like pulling an arrow back before release, we help you aim confidently, take off with velocity to hit that ambitious target.

Brand Positioning

Who are you, and what's your story? What makes you the provider of choice among your competitors?

Brand Identity

2020 branding is tougher, chances are your brand will not get another shot. If you are not adding to your brand, you have already lost.

Brand Communication

From GTM strategy to the website, from animations to pitch decks, we got you covered.

Brand Campaigns

Social is king and keeping the brand alive in the minds of the targetted audience is an ongoing effort.

Product Strategy

We strategize with your team to decide the roadmap. Our continous engagement works to execute in an Agile manner with development.

Product UX

The heart of the experience will be worked on across all the features, co created with all the stakeholder teams from business to development.

Product UI

From Visual Design to animations and interaction patterns, we infuse the Brand language and personality into every usage moment.

Product Research

We do primary user research to uncover motivations and hidden needs. We also build prototypes of product features to validate assumptions before code commit.


Four Weeks to Awesome!

  • Week 1
    SPRINT 0
    This is the foundation of the Springboard with lots of facetime and war room activity. Version 1 of the table knowledge is out by the end of the week.
  • Week 2
    SPRINT 1
    Each Design Sprint unleashes multiple teams each working in tandem across User Testing, Prototyping and Co-ideation Sessions on Features.
  • Week 3
    SPRINT 2
    Visual Design starts shaping up along with inputs from research. Identity, Communication and GTM get worked out.
  • Week 4
    SPRINT 3
    Consolidation of efforts. Final versions of all tracks. Production level assets are generated and shared. Team is prepped for continuous retainer engagement.


The Design Springboard is uniquely shaped by our startup mindset.

Less Time Works Wonders

We have handpicked and created powerful sessions to get the best results in a short time.

Multiple Tracks in Parallel

We get work done by different teams, in tandem. This keeps our ideas fresh and brutally honest. And we save lots of time.

Get a Design Director and a full team!

Focus on what you need to do and leave all the creative stuff to us.

Tech Toolkit

Our set of tools help us get things done very efficiently, from managing teams, to design reviews, to user validations and final output delivery, we use a toolkit that makes our work fully transparent to you.

Skin in the Game

The path to success is tough, bumpy and full of unexpected twists. With our long-term continuous partnership model, we are your partners for the long haul.

Quick Dash and Steady Marathon

Half the race is won by how you get off the blocks. Our expertise is delivered on the double, so you get going within a month. We follow that with retainerships that go the distance.

Have a startup portfolio who can benefit from Design Springboard?


Tangible Benefits of the Design Springboard package

Save Time

It's a race against time. Everything we do is designed to get the best bang for the buck in the shortest time possible. We are super-nimble and super-quick.

Tons of Expertise

You tap into a collective experience of a successful team that has worked across domains and geographies. When it comes to shaping the future of your startup, why settle for anything else?

Your own Design Team

The cost and energy required to hire an internal design team (or lead designer) is better spent on other critical activities where the Startup has more hands-on experience. We will take care of Design.

Get a Loooot of Stuff Done.

A compelling ROI for the Design Springboard is the sheer amount of things that get checked off your to-do list in a short span of time.

Reduces Risk

From the right people, to the right processes, we reduce risk by multiple iterations, and testing all assumptions before we commit.

Design Culture

The mindset of innovation, the seeds of a design-led culture are sown when teams go through the Springboard. The spark will blaze a trail.


We work for great teams in companies big and small, across the world. The Design Springboard has helped many early and growth stage Startups accelerate their time to market and leap ahead of their competition.
"The Design Springboard is a very unique and comprehensive approach that integrated branding, productization, website design, competitive analysis and messaging across the board into a single and cohesive vision."
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Pradeep Das
"A group of intelligent and motivated individuals who know the subject well and also have great sensitivity and perseverance. They believe in quality and catering to the needs of their customers."
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Ravi Srinivasan
"DigDesign has great thought leaders and they are doing some pioneering work in areas of design, branding and UX. I will highly recommend them to anyone."
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Prakash Kumar
“This was way beyond UX - it touched upon product conceptualization, competitive analysis, product positioning and of course visualization and interaction. I highly recommend this for any startup. ”
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Deepak B

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