cover beda!

Stop using plastic bags. Period.

We are a social campaign whose aim is to eradicate the use of polythene covers!

We invite Bangaloreans and everyone else to voluntarily give up using polythene bags in their life, through raising awareness.

Let’s pledge today to make our cities trash free!

What is the Coverbeda Challenge?

The coverbeda challenge is being started by us in January 2019, where we will invite people to post a picture of themselves with their favorite cloth bag and take a public pledge to give up plastic bags.

Are you game enough to take the challenge? 🙂

Check out our instagram (@coverbeda_official) for updates and to be a part of the #coverbeda challenge!

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Why this campaign?

As residents of Bengaluru, we’ve all seen plastic bags blowing across roads, like tumbleweed and getting snagged on the roadside parthenium. We’ve rarely walked on a footpath where we haven’t stepped on a discarded old polybag.

We’ve seen strays come dangerously close to swallowing gutka packets and polythene covers while foraging for food in open dumps on street corners.

We’re all been angry at the authorities for not clearing up our garbage efficiently.

But have we ever stopped to think how we can be part of the solution?

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

What's happening?

Scientists estimate that eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year. To put that in perspective, it’s the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping waste into the ocean every minute.

Plastic can take up to a thousand years to break down and continues to pollute soil and water till the time. It makes its way into the food we eat and the water we drink.

Let’s face it. Our city doesn’t have the best recycling facilities yet. We can never be sure where our discarded plastic bags are ending up.

Image Copyright: Bonnie Monteleone

Why bags?

The answer is simple.

Plastic bags are the easiest to give up.

Small steps lead to big changes.

The BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) has been actively trying to stop shops from giving away plastic bags since 2015. We’ve seen fines and we’ve seen threats. But why don’t these ever seem to work? When we quizzed a few shop keepers around Jayanagar, we found out it’s because customers often demand for bags to take away stuff in, and they don’t want to pay extra for a cloth bag. And which sensible shop keeper wants to lose business?

Images Courtesy: Livemint, The Hindu, The Telegraph, The Indian Express (order: L to R)

What can you do?

While we’re still waiting for plant based plastic alternatives that turn into food to go mainstream, we’ve started the #COVERBEDA campaign.

It’s time for the residents of Bengaluru to come together and help the authorities enforce the great plastic ban!

You could help us by taking up the #COVERBEDA challenge on instagram!

Here’s a link to the page!

Don’t have a reusable bag yet? No worries! We’ve compiled a list of non-profits from where you could score some beautiful handmade totes and more.

And the best part? They’re all made with love in Namma Bengaluru!